Making the most of a family holiday on the Gold Coast


Holidaying with kids can be stressful; everything has to be planned around keeping them happy which can mean that Mum and Dad miss out on enjoying themselves!

The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations – and for good reason. There seems to be an endless number of beautiful beaches and the theme parks make for a popular family activity during the day.

Bend of the River is accommodation on the Gold Coast perfectly suited for family holidays. There are 15 acres of property that the kids can run around on and burn off energy while you relax in one of the hammocks hung on the verandah. The peaceful property is located outside of the busy city areas and there is a lot more than a thin hotel room wall separating your family from the neighbours – the koalas won’t mind as much as a jetlagged business man if you make a bit of noise!

If you’re feeling like a beach day, just a few minutes of driving will take you to some of the best beaches in Australia (we think the whole world!) There are no long car trips and once you get to the beach, there are an endless number of cafes, restaurants and eateries within walking distance. If home-cooked meals are more your thing, our restored 1950s Queenslander house is fitted out with a farm-style kitchen fully stocked with all the equipment you would need.

Koala neighbours