Picnic Essentials

When you are staying with us, we invite you to make the most of our 15 acres of organic fruit orchard and have a picnic. We’ve put together a list of what we think are essential for a great time!


Picnic Rug/Blanket

Make sure you choose something big enough for everyone to sit on


You’re going to need something to eat off of. There are biodegradable sugarcane plates available at supermarkets now. These are a great option if you want to reduce the amount of cleaning up afterwards


Tumblers for drinks and maybe even some champagne flutes if you’re feeling especially fancy.

Ice packs

Unless you are eating straight away, you are going to need something to keep the food cold


Grab yourself a packet of paper napkins to reduce cleaning up and keep your fingers clean!

Cutting Board and Knife

If you are bringing along cheese and fruits, you’re going to need something to cut them with.

Corkscrew and/or Bottle opener

To get into the bottle of champagne!

Finger Foods

Small sandwiches cut into pieces are a good option for lunches. Couple this with some nice cheeses, dips and biscuits and your picnic lunch is basically sorted. Cupcakes are an excellent choice for sweets and a few fresh pieces of fruit will round off your meal nicely. Talk to Justy and she might be able to round up from fresh fruit straight off the property for you! Make sure you pack everything appropriately so it won’t get squashed or go soggy.


Cordial and water are good options for keeping it kid friendly. For something a little bit fancy, you could bring along a bottle of champagne!

Condiments, Salt and Pepper

Don’t forget the sauces, mayonnaise and seasonings!
Once you have everything sorted, pack it all into a lightweight bag or basket and start looking for a nice quiet spot under a tree to enjoy the company of your friends and family.

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