We hosted a book launch!

A couple of weeks back, Bend of the River was lucky enough to host a book launch for a brand new vegan cook book, Plant Based Happy, by the lovely Ursula Hienz.

Ursula Hienz

Ursula Hienz, MD, DMD, is a mother of two, a physician as well as a dentist. She is maintaining a successful whole-food plant-based blog called Plant Based Happy and is currently working on her next two books, one of which is a food related interactive children’s book. She is convinced that the choices that every individual makes every single day have a direct impact not only on this person but also on the entire world.

Ursula’s book launch was an enjoyable day for all guests. Ursula treated her guests to an afternoon tea of healthy vegan treats from her book. Bend of the River provided the perfect venue for the launch as guests sipped champagne on the veranda. Justy treated everyone to a tour of the exotic tropical fruit orchard and encouraged the kids to collect the rare fruits and take home macadamia nuts.

If you would like to download a copy of Ursula’s fantastic book, you can do so from the iTunes store – Plant Based Happy or visit Ursula’s website to find out more and learn more about her other books.

Plant Based Happy