A moving message from some of our guests

Upon checking the guest book today, we found that we had received the most beautiful message from our recent guests! Thank you so much to the Schoemakers for their kind and moving words, it was a pleasure to have you.

This is what they wrote…

As I write, the afternoon sun is streaming into the lounge, the geese are trumpeting indignantly about some offense (perceived or otherwise) and the guinea fowl just scooted past in their endless, nervous pace line…

These are just glimpses of the many little things that have made staying here such a pleasure for our family.

This is a place of beauty, of history and of family. The fact that you are willing to share it gives us, the lucky strangers that are blessed to happen upon it, the wonderful opportunity to share its unique gifts!

As we read aloud from Jerry and Skye’s book about the place we were staying and the house we were occupying, at times it felt as if we had picked up their journals left accidentally at their last visit. It felt as though we were perhaps intruding into a very private place, but one that resonated with us as we shared in many of the very things on the page.

There was the inspiration to cook in the kitchen and we shared great meals together. We ate, played board games, laughed and talked around the table, thankful that it “has kept a lot of its old habits” (to quote Jerry!)

This particular Bend in the River has been a place of rest, relaxation and recharge and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your hospitality and willingness to share what is so obviously such an intensely personal and important place for you.

Thanks Justy!

The Schoemakers (Julie, Stephen, Brianna & Milly)

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