Our Inaugural Chocolate Making Workshop

What a fabulous time we had running our inaugural Chocolate Making Workshop last Thursday at Bend of the River!

Guests were welcomed with a steaming cup of hot chocolate made from an antique steamer and using only the best Couverture dark chocolate. Sprinkled liberally with cocoa buds, it just melted in your mouth.

Peter Mengler, our local Chocolatier, after providing a little about the origin, history and types of cocoa and chocolate making process, demonstrated how to temper chocolate. Tempering is essential if you want your chocolate to have a lovely creamy mouth-feel and to look glossy and decadent.


For the health conscious we handed around cocoa nibs (which are sugar and fat free) and treated guests to gluten-free cocoa cookies. And to whet the taste-buds for what was yet to come, we handed out truffles infused with a decadent ganache made with ketembillas picked that morning from our orchard.

Then the fun started as guests paired up to make their own truffles, rolling luscious dark chocolate ganache into balls, dipping them in melted white, milk and dark chocolate and then decorating them with a variety of toppings (including gogi berries, pistachios, almonds, brazil nuts).


Guests chose from a variety of ganache – some picked from the orchard, such as lemon myrtle (which imparts a lemon flavour) and ketembilla (which imparts a welcome tartness), some more common such as coffee, raspberry, mango and cassia cinnamon. There were sticky, chocolately fingers everywhere and much laughter, as tea was served and everyone packed their precious hand-made creations into boxes to take home.



The rest of our chocolate workshops for this year are already fully booked. However we do plan to run further workshops in the New Year, including ones before Easter and Mothers’ Day so that you can spoil your loved ones with your own home-crafted truffles.

We also run private classes for 6 – 10 people so if you have a group of friends interested in attending your own private class please email us and let us know.