Please sign and return these Terms & Conditions with a completed BOOKING FORM to at Bend of the River (“BOR”).

Bookings are accepted on a first come, first served basis.   A booking is deemed confirmed once the deposit has been received and you return to us the completed Booking Form and a signed copy of these Terms & Conditions. Please see below for deposit requirements.


“Bend of the River”, “BOR”, “we” and “us” are used interchangeably throughout this document to refer to the owner of BOR, their agents and managers.


  • Events are to take place outdoors or by agreement on the homestead verandah. The homestead may be booked separately in conjunc4on with the venue for an additional fee.
  • The Venue Hire fee is for one event only. It is a single day hire. However we allow you the day before to set up your event and the day aTer to pack down. Accordingly the Venue Hire fee covers a 68-hour period (eg 2pm Friday un4l 10am Monday) unless otherwise agreed. Should you require the property for an extra day/days or for any part of an extra day/days before or aTer this 68-hour period, you will be charged $500 per day for each extra day or part thereof for which you require the property. This amount will be deducted from your Security Bond.
  • Should you wish to hold an additional event/s during this time period, our approval must be obtained and an additional event fee negotiated, the amount to be agreed between you and us depending on the size and nature of the event.
  • Flooring is required for any Marquee or Tipi hired (unless our permission is first obtained to not require flooring). The cost of the Venue Hire does not include setting-up the event; decorations, setting of tables, chairs or the moving and storage of furniture.


We require that an event coordinator, approved by us, be engaged for your event.  This is to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Please note that we hire you the venue only and that all aspects involving management of your wedding are to be planned with the co-ordinator who will then obtain our approval.

On the day of your event, and during the period of your stay at Bend of the River, we reserve the right to have representatives present, to be on hand to assist with any matters which may arise, including security personnel.


There is parking allowed on the property for up to six cars. To ensure a safe and issue free wedding day we require that you provide transport for your guests to and from the venue. This allows any guest that may have partied too hard to be dropped back safely to a designated point. The majority of guests must arrive and depart from the venue via mini-bus, taxi service or Uber, the exact mode of transport to be agreed to by us. Due to the limited parking facilities, private vehicles may only park on the property if our express permission is first obtained.


  • Access points to water and electricity will be provided. Hoses and extension cords will not be provided.
  • If there is an excessive use of electricity required for the event, a generator is to be hired at your cost.
  • You will not use any furnishings, cutlery or crockery from the house.
  • Your guests can not use the house facilities during the function unless our prior express permission has been obtained.
  • You are responsible for the cleaning of the venue and rubbish removal and this is to be undertaken by you at your cost.
  • If the event exceeds 50 persons you shall hire mobile toilets at your cost, the number of toilets and the company supplying the toilets to be agreed upon with us.


We must have proof, at least two weeks prior to your event, that you have a Public Liability

Insurance policy for a minimum of $5 million dollars for the venue, Bend of the River, 435 Guineas Creek Road, Elanora, QLD. If proof of insurance is not presented within this time by email, we reserve the right to cancel the event.

Our preferred wedding insurer is Dream Wedding Insurance We strongly recommend that you take out your wedding insurance at the time of booking your wedding and paying your non-refundable deposit. All policies include $5million of personal and public liability cover.

If you wish to include Wedding Insurance with your booking, please select the policy you wish to include with your booking. Please note that the insurance premium is payable at the time of your venue deposit.

You will need to select one of the following plans:

  • Bronze: $235
  • Silver: $465
  • Gold: $855
  • Platinum: $1285

By selecting the insurance to be added, You agree to receive and read your Certificate of Insurance and Policy Wording by email. Coverage commences on the date shown on your Certificate of Insurance. If you have any questions relating to your coverage please contact Dream Wedding Insurance at Full terms, conditions and exclusions can be found at Dream Wedding Insurance.


Loss and Damage BOR is a working property with animals, domestic and native, and trees on it, amongst other things. Whilst we will do our utmost to ensure your care, we accept no responsibility or liability for:

  • any personal injury sustained to you, your guests, contractors or service providers whilst on or entering BOR; howsoever sustained, or
  • any loss or damage to any property belonging to you, your guests, your contactors or service providers, including to any hire equipment or motor vehicles, howsoever sustained.

Exclusion of Undesirables - We reserve the right in our absolute discretion to exclude or remove any undesirable persons from the event or premises without liability.

Event Set Up – We are not obliged to assist in the set-up of the event. If we are asked to assist you in any way outside our normal responsibilities, you will be charged at an hourly rate of $55.00.

Weather – Whilst we wish for good weather, we take no responsibility for weather conditions.

Pets – We do not accept pets at events or on the property.

Camping – We do not allow camping or other forms of portable accommodation on the property .


Event Management - You shall conduct the function in an orderly manner and in full compliance with our rules and those of the event management team and in accordance with all applicable laws.

Caterers and Other Service Providers -   All caterers and other service providers attending the event and entering Bend of the River must hold and provide to us at least 14 days prior to the event, a current Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance for the value of not less than $20,000,000.

Service of Alcohol - You and your service providers must comply with the Queensland State regulations regarding the service of alcohol to guests. This entails you employing RSA qualified bar staff for the duration of your reception and at any time alcohol is being served at the venue. You are liable for any legal proceedings filed in connection with alcoholic beverages served to an intoxicated guest or to a minor. We reserve the right to cease service of alcohol to any individual who in our judgment has consumed an excessive amount of alcohol. Service of Bundaberg Rum and all alcoholic shots is not permitted. We reserve the right to decide in our discretion whether self-service of alcohol is permieed.

Illegal Drugs - the taking of illegal drugs is not permieed on the property and any persons found to be in possession of, consuming or selling such drugs will be required to leave the property immediately.

Noise and curfew - All events must be completed by 11.00pm sharp. There is a 10.00pm curfew for Outdoor music. No doofer music is permitted.   BOR is zoned rural/environmental therefore curfews MUST be adhered to for Council Regulations.

All guests not residing at BOR must depart by 11.00pm. The event coordinator must be on duty until the completion of the event and stay until the last of the guests leave the property after the event.  If the event is not completed by 11pm there will be an additional fee of $500 per hour charged for every hour or part thereof after 11pm that the event continues overtime. This fee will be deducted from your security bond.

Loss and Damage - You must inform us of any breakages and losses to the property at the time of their occurrence. In the event of damage or missing items we will contact you and the cost of these repairs and/or replacements will be deducted from your bond. If the cost of repairs/ replacements exceeds the amount of the security bond you agree to reimburse BOR our outstanding costs upon BOR providing you with an itemised invoice of the costs of the repairs/replacements.

Bond Deductions – You authorise us to deduct from your bond any expenses we incur on your behalf including but not limited to hiring shuttle buses or taxis to transport guests to and/or from the property and event insurance.

Fireworks – Strictly no fireworks allowed on the property. Sparklers or any other products which may prove a fire hazard must be pre-approved by us prior to our event.


Guests shall not use any of the house furnishings, crockery, cutlery or other items in the house during the event unless express permission to do so is first obtained from us. You and your guests shall not utilise the accommodation facilities unless you/they have paid to stay in the house.


Whilst we are happy to style the venue as you wish, you may not attach any decorations to the ceilings, walls, fences or other structures without our prior written approval. In the event that our approval is granted you are responsible for removing all decorations at the end of the event. You are also responsible for any interior or exterior damage by your guests or staff to the house and grounds and all costs involved in the repair.

BOR requires 5 images from your wedding so that we can use them to update our BOR social media.


Filming of the property for use in any promotion or advertising may not be used without our prior written consent.


All rubbish must be removed from the property. Any additional rubbish removal after the event is at your cost. (Please note that most caterers have a ‘rubbish removal’ option which for which we suggest you opt. Alternatively we strongly suggest you hire a rubbish skip. A staff member may be required to return to the property the following morning after the event to ensure all ‘party hire’ equipment is packed up and removed, all rubbish is removed and the areas used returned to their original state. Should excess rubbish be left behind we will deduct a $250 excess garbage fee from the security bond.


A $1000 non-refundable deposit/administration fee is required to reserve your date.

The balance is due 6 weeks prior to your arrival date.

A Security Bond of $1,000 is also required at that time.

We will return the security bond to you within 5 working days of your departure after we have inspected the property and are satisfied that the property has been left in the same condition as upon your arrival. In the event of damage or missing items we will contact you and the cost of these repairs and/or replacements will be deducted from your bond. If the cost of repairs/ replacements exceeds the amount of the security bond you agree to reimburse BOR our outstanding costs upon BOR providing you with an itemised invoice of the costs of the repairs/replacements. You must inform us of any breakages and losses to the property at the time of their occurrence.


Final guest numbers must be provided to us at least 30 days prior to your event date. Children aged 5 and under we welcome at no extra charge.


Should you wish to cancel:

  • more than 60 days before your arrival date - a full refund will be made (less the $1000 administration fee)
  • less than 60 days before your arrival date - no refund will be made.

If the full booking amount is not paid by the due date OR in the event of you cancelling the event (for the whole time or any part thereof) the deposit and any subsequent amount is not refundable unless the property is rebooked for the entire period.

If you hold a wedding insurance policy through Dream Wedding Insurance you may be able to claim back your deposit through the insurance, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Cancellations must be in writing and emailed to


If the venue becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, we will notify you in writing and we will endeavour to find you alternative venue elsewhere. Full monies paid will be refunded. You will not hold BOR, its managers or agents, responsible.


Whilst we take all care to maintain the grounds to a suitable level, the grounds will alter their appearance in various seasons and weather patterns. The information provided on the website, in advertising material and social media is up to date at the time of compilation, however, as this information is subject to change, we cannot take responsibility for any inaccuracy or mis-description contained in separate publications. We endeavour to provide you with accurate information about the property. If you feel that the property has been misrepresented please put this in writing. No refunds will be given for change of mind and will be considered a cancellation if you choose to depart earlier than the set departure date.

BOR has the absolute right to refuse a booking and/or refund any payment made at our discretion.

Disclaimer: BOR does not accept liability in contract for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly or other events, which are beyond our control.

Please also download, complete and sign the terms and conditions and send or email them to